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Language study holiday in Guatemala


Learn Spanish in total immersion in Guatemala!

There’s nothing like total immersion in the country to make rapid progress in learning a foreign language.

A small Central American country, Guatemala is the ideal destination to practice your Spanish and discover the rich Mayan culture that is still very much alive in the country. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to discover the temples and sites of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, but also to go on an adventure in the middle of nature, and maybe even climb a volcano!

During your trip to Guatemala, you’ll be immersed in the country’s culture, improve your speaking skills by interacting with the locals, and discover the country’s greatest treasures during your excursions!


By travelling with Sherwood School, you will receive assistance throughout your trip. We will help you organize your stay, choose your course program, your accommodation, and your activities for the duration of your trip.

To practice your Spanish and discover the Latino culture, we propose you language stays in Guatemala, in Antigua in our partner language school, which we have selected with the greatest care to guarantee you quality teaching and services.

Discover our language study holiday!

ville d'Antigua