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Distance training centre

Do you want to teach French to adults or students?

We offer distance learning courses for people who want to teach languages to adults and students.

You are in professional reconversion, have little or no teaching experience? You are already a teacher and wish to acquire innovative and fun teaching methods to teach french to students or adults ?

We have the right course for you!

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You want to teach languages to adults

We offer training courses for people who are in retraining or simply for people who want to combine their passion for languages with their passion for teaching. Our trainings allow you to discover the objectives and the means used to teach a foreign language to students and adults.

Our objective is to train you in the pedagogy to set up fun and motivating activities in French.

Through the different training modules you will learn how to design courses, conduct your training and evaluate students.

Our training will provide you with tools and methods directly operational to teach the language in an effective and motivating way. With our training, you will be able to adapt to different audiences and external constraints (material, duration of the training and courses, number of students, etc.).

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You already teach languages to adults

You have experience in teaching with students and/or adults and you would like to improve your skills?

We offer advanced training for teaching French to students and adults.

Our objective is to give you fun and innovative tools to lead training sessions in French as a foreign language such as games, pedagogical visits or role-playing.

You will learn to use games with your students, to encourage oral communication and to teach French with cultural activities.

You will be able to follow our distance learning course at any time of the year, by following the courses on an online platform.

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