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Language training center

Sherwood School

Do you want to learn or teach French ?

We can help you with your project from A to Z thanks to distance learning courses that will help you achieve your goal.

formateur en langues étrangères

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Teaching French

Cours d'anglais Nantes Guérande

Do you want to teach French to children using the Montessori method or to students and adults ?

We offer you fully distance learning courses or in our centre with a complete method of teaching French to different audiences.

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French courses

Cours espagnol Nantes Guérande

Would you like to learn French, improve your level or take a language certification?

We offer fully distance learning courses, to prepare for exams or to take courses in French.

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Language training center

About our trainings

We offer training to become teacher for teaching French to students and adults and also to children with a pedagogy inspired by the Montessori method.

We also offer e-learning and video language courses with French teachers and language stays for total immersion. Our teachers of French are part of our school in Nantes and will provide you French lessons with our method.

For french residents, our qualifiying distance learning courses are covered by the CPF when combined with a language certification (Bright).

Our objective is to provide effective and directly operational teaching tools to set up active and motivating sessions, adapted to the target audience.

The trainers of our human-sized centre will accompany you throughout your training to provide you personalised advice.

Accessible and responsive, our team will help you choose the training course best suited to your project and your needs… Are you ready to learn?


We pass on our love and knowledge to our learners.


Our support throughout your training is the key of your success.


We assess the needs of each individual in order to provide the best possible education.


Discovering new horizons and cultures.


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