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Why become a language trainer?

You want to become a language trainer but you still have some doubts? We have some additional information that could help you make the right decision!

What is the role of the trainer?

The trainer teaches written and spoken language to non-native speakers. The courses he or she creates focus on literacy or on deepening the language, for a very diverse public such as children, students or adults.

On a daily basis, the language trainer must :

  • prepare their lessons according to the level of the students
  • provide materials: books, software, films, etc.
  • organise exchange and discussion sessions
  • evaluate the students through tests, quizzes, etc.

But above all, the trainer’s aim is to make the students enjoy learning a new language!

The profile of the language trainer

Faced with varied and demanding requests, the language trainer must be able to react quickly and adapt his or her teaching tools for clients.

Language trainers must be keen to take on new challenges and not be afraid to leave their comfort zone. As the places where the trainer works are varied, he or she must not panic when faced with a group in a company or in front of students in a high school!

With the rise in distance learning and the development of e-learning, trainers must adapt and acquire new digital skills.

This is why they have to be creative in order to adapt their methodology and course materials to their audience and objectives.

What are the advantages?

  • The opportunity to work abroad
  • No routine
  • Valuation of one’s skills directly visible through the progress of the students

What are the disadvantages?

  • Courses often take place in the evening, with a wide range of hours
  • A salary that fluctuates according to demand
  • Successfully building a reliable network

But above all, this job is a job of passion, if you love the language you teach you will enjoy teaching it and the students will love learning it!

Is this job for you? Then go ahead and follow our training courses to become a foreign language trainer!

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