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Why choose Sherwood School ?

Sherwood School training centre

Sherwood School is a language training centre. Our school offers both courses for people who want to teach French or learn French.

Why did we create Sherwood School?

Hélène Robin, founder of the centre, has created a new way of teaching to promote fun and effective learning. At Sherwood School, we have developed an active teaching method, which puts the student at the heart of his or her learning, with the aim of introducing new working methods to children, students and adults, and stimulating the senses.

Foreign languages are essential in today’s ever-changing world. We wanted to give children, students and adults new skills through our courses, for their future personal and professional lives.


Why Sherwood School?


1 – Advice and personalised follow-up: our team is there for you as soon as you register to give you personalised advice and to guide you towards the course that is best suited to your objectives. We are always available and accessible to answer your questions and follow you throughout your course.

2 – An effective learning method: in our language courses, we emphasise communication and fun learning, so that you learn while having fun, without even realising it! For even more effective learning, we offer you the opportunity to go on a language trip abroad in total immersion, to immerse yourself in the culture and the language while travelling. Through our training courses for trainers, we pass on our teaching method to anyone who wishes to teach languages. To introduce children to languages, we propose activities based on the Montessori pedagogy, which allows for a different way of learning, where the adult respects the sensitive periods of each child.

3 – Training adapted to your pace: thanks to distance learning, we adapt your training to your schedule and your constraints. The training is adapted to your pace of life. Indeed, you can organise yourself freely thanks to your paper and online courses. In addition, our online platform is easily accessible from wherever you are.

4 – Quality training: our organisation is Qualiopi certified and our training courses are qualifying or certifying in the context of an exam (Bright, TCF or Certificat Voltaire). All our teachers are native speakers with teaching experience and will adapt to your needs and objectives.


Choose the training of your choice:

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